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Shopper Trends|November 24, 2020

It’s a 2020 COVID Christmas, Are People Feeling the Spirit of Giving Gifts?

We know the Internet will win a bigger share of holiday shopping, but at WSL we turned our attention to whether the spirit of making lists and giving gifts is thriving -- or not.

Financially Speaking 

  • 2/3 of the US shoppers are feeling financially secure or even optimistic, creating a large pool of shoppers with the funds to spend.

Gift Spending

  • 15% will spend MORE to spread cheer and show ‘I care’
  • 30% will spend LESS because some don’t have the money to spend and others have a social conscience that feels guilty spending on gifts when so many are struggling
  • 55% will spend as they did in the strong 2019 holiday season

Year ’round Gift Shopping 

Black Friday has transitioned into a 3-month long event, changing shopper expectations of when the deals are.

  • 1/3 expect retailers to compete with Amazon Prime Day
  • 1/3 look for big deals on Cyber Monday
  • 1/3 have their eye out for the right holiday gift all year long

There are more details on shoppers’ feelings towards gifting. Click Here to Download.

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