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WSL In The Press|January 23, 2019

Driving Consumers to Stores

Beauty Insight // January 22, 2019 // Issue 189

WSL Strategic Retail CEO & chief shopper Wendy Liebmann: 

“Shoppers go to physical stores for a variety of reasons. ‘I want it now’, because [the product has] run out or because they saw it on Instagram, is still a viable reason to go to the store despite the fact that in an Amazon world you can often receive your lipstick tomorrow at your door. ‘I want to be dazzled, and to feel and touch and try’, is another reason to go to the store. And lastly, the efficient trip: ‘I’m doing other things, and will pick it up while I’m there’.

The best way to satisfy beauty shoppers is to organize [the experience] with her trip in mind. [In other words], why is she here today and how can I provide what she wants? For example, for the quick trip, product assortment may not change, but how it is organized would: What are the essentials someone might want to replenish in a hurry? Think about price in the same way: How can I make replenishment easier, [such as] offer a subscription for frequency or a special [buy six get seven]. Give beauty advisors tools so they can check out the shopper in the aisle without having to wait in line or at the counter. And, if she’s in a hurry find ways to show her the latest, newest items quickly.

You need to know your shopper well, and understand what we call her ‘shopping life’ to be more prescriptive about selling her beauty.”


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