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Retail Innovation|June 29, 2020

ECRM Podcast with WSL: Retail Reset, Best Practices

Retail Reset: Best Practices for Engaging Cautious Consumers

The team at WSL Strategic Retail is known for their "in-the-trenches" analysis of retail where the rubber meets the road – in the store and online – and they have scouts in major cities around the world gathering intelligence to evaluate how retailers are engaging with shoppers. 

As retailers are beginning to open up for business, these scouts have been checking out how they have adapted their stores and operations to this new environment, where shoppers are cautiously starting to make their way into stores again, whether to browse the aisles or to pick up an online order.

During this interview, ECRM speaks with WSL Senior Consultant Elizabeth Gretkowski and Consultant Analyst Kaci Floyd about what they and their scouts have witnessed among retailers and some restaurants located in Texas, Florida, London, New York and New Jersey. One thing is for sure: Everything that retailers have been working on – convenience, store-experience, e-commerce, services – has new definitions now compared to just three months ago, something WSL refers to as the "Retail Reset."

They wrap up the conversation with seven recommendations from the WSL team, based on this feedback from the field, on how to make your operation the place consumers feel confident to shop. 

If you’d like to learn more about WSL’s ongoing series of How America Shops® in and after the COVID-19 crisis, please reach out to: Elise Marshall at or visit our COVID-19 Retail & Shopper Insights page.

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