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Big Business of WELL|May 10, 2019

Marketing to Moms: Show Caregivers That Your Brand Cares

Caregivers are young, 66% are Millennials or Gen X and 60% of women with children are caregivers. Mother's Day is the one day in the year when we make it a point to give credit to those who are literally, raising and maintaining the world's population. So how can you best care for the caregiver? When it comes to marketing to them, WSL has you covered.

How to Market Caregiver Products

Over half of caregivers, 54%, feel stressed, with little personal time for themselves, according to our How America Shops® research.  No wonder, since they make 40% more shopping trips in a week at 6.4 compared to the 4.5 trips made by those who are not caring for someone. At the top of your list should be to let Moms know how you will take the stress out of their shopping.

To succeed with caregivers, focus on the following strategies based on our How America Shops® studies:  

  • Make Shopping Easier.  Caregivers are more likely to use digital tools that make shopping easier.  One-third use digital coupons and circulars, one-quarter of them order with same day delivery and have subscriptions to replenish products; and given their hectic lives, 16% use augmented reality to try from the comfort of home before they buy.
  • Reflect the Caregiver Experience. If you're trying to break into the caregiver market, start by figuring out how your brand can reflect the caregiver experience. Be specific in highlighting how your brand will help caregivers increase their energy or improve their everyday comfort. For example, since 67% of caregivers look for comfortable clothing, talk about how your clothes are comfy, practical and fashionable for busy moms on-the-go.
  • Make Caregivers Feel Good. With little time to themselves, 61% of caregivers say that looking better helps them feel better.  This makes them good target shoppers for Hair Care, Cosmetics, Skin Care and Bath and Body products that will make them feel good about their appearance.
  • Keep the Caregivers Well.  Stress leads to health complications and caregivers cannot afford to get sick. There’s a long list of categories that can promise to help the caregivers stay fit and healthy including Food, Water, Beverages, Snacks, Vitamins and Supplements, and eEectronic Monitoring Devices. By highlighting the health benefits of your products, you can make it easier for the caregiver.

Marketing to Caregivers Matters

Our recent study, The Big Business of Well, highlights two instances of brands marketing to Moms in meaningful ways.

  • Vital Proteins: This brand combines vitamins, probiotics, and collagens into their Collagen Beauty Glow ingestible tonic. It’s a refreshing drink that promises glowing skin, stronger nails and healthy digestion.

  • Covergirl: Covergirl’s current slogan "I am what I makeup" does an excellent job of appealing to Moms with the promise of transforming themselves with a touch of lip gloss, a dab of blush, and a mascara wand. A great way to take control over their life when most of their day feels chaotic.

Caring for Caregivers with WSL

We've been collecting shopper data and predicting retail trends for over 30 years to help you increase your sales. Contact us for more information about our services. We’re here to help you help Moms.

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