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WSL In The Press|December 23, 2019

Millie Bobby Brown Meets ‘Idol’ at the WWD Beauty Inc Awards

By Allison Collins on December 11, 2019 | WWD

Millie Bobby Brown, Michelle Pfeiffer, Paris Hilton and other notable beauty entrepreneurs were in the audience for the 2019 WWD Beauty Inc Awards.

How do you get Millie Bobby Brown, Michelle Pfeiffer and Paris Hilton into the same room at 7 a.m. on a Wednesday?

Host the WWD Beauty Inc Awards breakfast, of course.

Brown, Pfeiffer and Hilton were among the notable attendees — and winners — at the annual breakfast ceremony at The Rainbow Room in Manhattan. Brown was particularly excited to meet Pat McGrath, makeup artist and founder of Pat McGrath labs who, Brown gushed, was her “idol.”

The event also honored Fabrizio Freda, president and chief executive officer of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., with the Pete Born Impact Award. For a full list of award winners, see below.

“There is no one else I wake up this early for, than WWD,” Fabrizio joked, recalling his first interview with Born, where he talked about his plans to build a global beauty powerhouse. “If you want to make an impact in the future, you tell Pete first, and then work to make it come through.“We must have vision. As Leonard [Lauder] always says, ‘if you can’t see your future, you will never get there.’ This could not be more true, especially in today’s volatile, constantly changing world. That’s why we came out with our 10-year compass and reverse-engineered our strategy to position ourselves for success,” Freda said.

He has overseen a massive period of growth at Lauder. In the past 10 years, the company’s market cap has increased 10 times to about $70 billion. The keys, he said, are the company’s multiple engines of growth, 10-year compass and talent at the organization.

“I’m very fond of the saying, ‘vision without execution is hallucination,'” Freda said.

Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL Strategic Retail, stressed the importance of wellness in her opening remarks, noting that younger consumers are using tactics like acupuncture to manage stress. That sentiment was confirmed during breakfast by a handful of Millennial attendees, including Hilton, who has been doing acupuncture for more than a decade, she said.

“We need to think beyond the obvious,” Liebmann said. “The American consumer is now on a quest to be well…it’s not just if I look good, I’ll feel good, it’s, if I look good good, I’ll feel healthier.”

Wendy Liebmann at the WWD Beauty Inc Awards 2019

“It’s about acupuncturists and nutritionists, it’s about massage therapists. It’s a whole new world of well beauty,” Liebmann said.

Read the full article here.

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