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Assessing & Challenging a New Retail Healthcare Concept

Assessing & Challenging a New Retail Healthcare Concept

A leading national chain drug retailer invested significant resources into the development of a new retail concept it was piloting.  However, before it rolled it out more broadly it wanted an objective eye to validate if it would resonate with shoppers/patients and if it was bold and differentiated enough.

First, we analyzed our How America Shops® research to assess how the retailers’ shoppers and patients manage their health wellbeing and shop for their healthcare products and services, and also macro trends that were driving healthcare delivery.

Second, using that shopper lens, we evaluated several of the pilot stores to assess how the concept addressed the shoppers’ needs, whether for general health issues or for chronic or acute conditions.  We evaluated what was working, what was not, and the missed opportunities for delivering shopper satisfaction and competitive advantage.

We then compared the retail concept to other global retail concepts to find inspiration that could push it further.

The result: A recommendation of 10 strategic and tactical improvements to ensure the concept delivered a relevant, meaningful shopper experience.  These were taken into consideration before expanding the concept more broadly.

Assessing & Challenging a New Retail Healthcare Concept

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