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If you’re passionate about shoppers everyday, all day, if you stay close to their needs, their wants, their dreams, their changing lifestyles, the chance of success is great.


Envisioning the Future of Healthcare

Envisioning the Future of Healthcare

The company wanted to ensure its Innovation Center provided a visionary shopper and retail-centric experience to give retailers reason to come and return regularly.

WSL first assessed the current center, analyzing what was working and what wasn’t.  We identified key factors missing in the environment, including the voice of the shopper, and the interconnectedness between consumer and professional healthcare. We interviewed key retailers to understand their expectations, where they currently went for inspiration and innovation ideas, and what they would want to address.

We used our How America Shops® research to build a holistic storyline for the future of healthcare through a consumer, shopper and retail lens to set the context. We helped redesign the physical and virtual messaging for the space, with video and other content that the company also used for internal and external purposes.

The result: “WSL helped us create a shopper science lab so that we are now seen as the retailers’ go-to partner in whole Health Innovation.”  -- General Manager, NA.

WSL continues to work with the company to ensure the center is futuristic and shopper-centric.

Envisioning the Future of Healthcare

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