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Seeing the Future of Grocery Trends & Innovation

Seeing the Future of Grocery Trends & Innovation

The manufacturer wanted a futuristic view into retail and grocery trends and innovations, to position them as thought-leaders among their retail partners.

Using our acute understanding of retail and grocery trends, our Gotta See library of retail innovation, and our ability to predict the future, WSL highlighted the top 20 trends that would impact retail and the grocery business, including:

1. Transparency

2. Local, Local, Local

3. My Way or The Highway

4. 360º of Wellness

5. The Convenience Craze

The result: The company was enthusiastic about the trends and its new ability to demonstrate thought leadership with retail clients.  We helped them take this a step further by ideating how to bring 2 of these trends to life with prototypes -- to build more discussion and partnership opportunities with retailers. Now in 2020, the trends we predicted back in 2013 are very much engrained in retail.


Seeing the Future of Grocery Trends & Innovation

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