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Planning your retail strategy starts with following your shoppers to where they will go next. Throughout the year WSL conducts national research studies among thousands of shoppers and interprets the findings into what our clients need to be ready for.

And, we deliver global retail innovation that will influence shoppers' expectations of what the shopping experience needs to become. Helping brands and retailers anticipate shoppers' needs, wants and values starts with How America Shops® shopper research.

Situ Live: Retail… Storytelling… Reimagined.

Situ Live: Retail… Storytelling… Reimagined.

Located in Innovation Alley in Westfield London, sits Situ Live – an immersive showroom that opened in October 2021. Situ is not a traditional store with shelves of inventory for immediate purchase. It is a showroom, where discovering and interacting with products comes first – and shopping comes later. Purchases are powered by QR codes and made online only.

Inside, products from forward-thinking brands are merchandised across curated, solution-oriented “lifestyle theaters.” The Nutrition Kitchen, Sleep & Wellbeing, Fit For Life, Connected Home, and Work From Home theaters have a rotating calendar of events, activities, and demonstrations. Each room is equipped with Situ staff or “storytellers” who perform demonstrations that bring brands to life.

This fresh approach to physical retail is challenging the traditional retail model with brand partnerships, shelves with no inventory, and immersive experiences that make to two visits to Situ the same.

To access the full report, contact us directly or log into your WSL Library account.

Situ Live: Retail… Storytelling… Reimagined.

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