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WSL will guide your company to compete in the new era of WELL.  The social movement to live healthy means shoppers expect health benefits in everything they buy -- and innovative products and services are responding.  By spending differently shoppers are rapidly transforming the dynamics of the ‘healthcare’ business.

The Next Wellness Frontier

5th in WSL’s Series of Quantified National Studies

Emerging conditions // Bolder categories // New faster services  // New trusted resources // Changing patient demographics...

More Places to Buy. Many More Choices.
Has Wellness Become Too Cluttered To Shop?

The New Frontier in Wellness: We’ll Help You Find Your Place

WSL’s upcoming How America Shops® report on the future of WELL starts with emerging conditions shoppers are treating, bolder categories that are “out of the pantry,” faster services and a shift in trust and treatment. The dilemma is that as more categories have launched healthier choices, the Next WELLness Frontier is cluttered and harder for shoppers to choose.

WELL Retail Safari®

Tour WELL Retail Innovations
Around the World

Our Retail Safaris® bring amazing retail concepts to you, in easy-to-follow visual reports and video streams that point out what works well, and what does not. From New York to China, California to London, our scouts are tracking down retail innovations in their most surprising forms – so you’re prepared for what’s next.

The Store as a Wellness Journey

The House of Rituals in Amsterdam, Netherlands includes exclusive services and experiences that differentiate it from other store locations – and enhance the shopping experience by making it a destination for holistic wellness, with products and services. 

Rite Aid RxEvolution
Rite Aid is in the middle of an RxEvolution that is transforming its stores into a contemporary whole health destination. In this Retail Safari® we show you how it inspires shoppers to take care of their well-being – from the inside out. Don't miss our Future Shop Podcast with Jocelyn Konrad, Executive Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer at Rite Aid.

Retailers & Brands Embracing the Big Business of WELL
In this Retail Safari® we demonstrate the many ways a store or brand can deliver WELLness products and messages, and go beyond personal wellness to include the health of the earth.

Brands Help Shoppers Do Good, Fast
The brands we present in this Retail Safari® are well on their way to helping shoppers act now, so they can live their values when they buy everyday products. Download to see more.

Future Shop Podcast

Listen to our latest episodes on WELL

Retail strategist and shopping expert Wendy Liebmann talks candidly with our guests – experts in marketing, design, education, branding, technology, and more – about how shoppers are transforming the retail trip, the challenges, and the opportunities. She regularly shares excerpts from our latest proprietary shopper research along the way.

EP37: Breaking Retail Taboos

Wendy Liebmann talks with Sally Mueller, CEO and co-founder of Womaness, a brand that is changing not only the conversation around menopause and women’s sexual health but also breaking taboos in branding, retail distribution and merchandising.

EP32: How We Eat – The Brave New World of Food and Drink

Wendy Liebmann talks with Paco Underhill, founder of Envirosell, author of Why We Buy, What Women Want, and his newly published How We Eat, about the changing world of food and drink, and the impact on grocery retail in the US.

EP31: The Future of Beauty. Healthy or Not?

Wendy Liebmann talks to Lauren Brindley, Former Group Vice President and General Merchandise Manager for Beauty and Personal Care, Walgreens, about whether the future of the beauty category is now truly connected to health and wellness.

EP29: Branding WELLness. The New Dynamics

Wendy Liebmann talks with Tim Girvin, founder and chief creative officer of Girvin Inc., about how companies need to tell their stories in this age when shoppers are more focused on their health and wellbeing than on accumulating things.

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